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CC Spread Mob (After story report & how-to)

2013.11.13 18:12

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CC Korea(Creative Commons Korea) celebrated seven days in Fall, from Oct 25 to Nov 1, as "Share Week." During the week, many sharing culture organizations and enterprises participated with various events such as Human Library, get-together, Disco Soup, etc. The footages can be found on CC Korea Flickr: Here.

Meanwhile, CC Korea volunteers planned for something fun and different. It began with an idea that we are frequently asked by our friend, "what's CC(Creative Commons)?" Yet, many of us didn't have chances to make a site to explain what CC was to people around us, like our families and friends. This Share Week, we decided to do a series of lectures or workshops informing people around us called "CC Spread Mob."

10 lectures and workshops have been held during this series in total.


CC Spread Mob Calendar


Jennifer organized the very first CC spread mob seminar. At Youth Hub, a co-working place where CC Korea office is located, Jennifer introduced what's CC and how to use CCL contents. Most of the audience was creative people like designers and planners. They agreed to the needs of free licensed contents, and found the seminar very useful.


Sinbi opened Knitting Brunch on Sunday morning. She regularly runs this program for fun and many people have learned joy of knitting from her. Sharing is the fundamental spirit of this meeting. Sinbi looks up the Internet for new ideas, and sometimes uploads how-to videos under Creative Commons License.


Kimaeng opened CCL drawing workshop. People with various backgrounds joined. There was even a 5-year-old boy with his mommy. All the results were licensed under CCL.



On the very last day of the CC Spread Mob week, 2 events were held in the same place simultaneously. Diane and Gotu organized CC Music Tagging Night workshop, which was about adding tags to CC licensed music so that people can search later by tags. On the other side of the room, Mi Young, Soohyun, and Stella did a series of CC lectures. As long-term, dedicated volunteers, their presentations were insightful and very much helpful for beginners.

If you wonder how this CC Spread Mob was organized, here's 10 steps of how-to:

1. Pick a week for CC Spread Mob.

- We chose Share Week, which we've already organized with different sharing economy and culture organizations and enterprises. We believe that this created a synergy to promote CC Spread Mob and encouraged the participants.

2. Post the introduction of CC Spread Mob on website.

- We usually post our website (http://cckorea.org) whatever event plan we have. This is the official channel for us to communicate with our audiences and volunteers!

We also updated the participants' names to this post one by one as they said they were willing to join. This made the event looking up-to-date and running.

3. Find participants via network using the website post.

- Post the link on Facebook page, tweet on Twitter, or put up on the volunteer forum to find participants. FYI, I individually contacted some of our volunteers at first for kindling. Once several familiar names appear on the list, more people showed interests and joined.

4. Provide the participants a "handbook" manual for organizing their own event.

- Some of the participants would know exactly what to do, but some of them might feel nervous to kick off an event all by themselves. To provide the relative information, we made an electronic "handbook" manual. Here's the link (in Korean): http://tiny.cc/q31b8w

The handbook included:

1. What's CC Spread Mob and why it's a good idea (Spreading the idea of open to close people)

2. Step by step process of how to organize the event

a. Find targets (e.g. Friends, colleagues, etc.)

b. Choose a topic (e.g. What's copyright and CC, CCL content creating workshop, etc.)

c. Pick a time and location (Troubling in finding a good place? Let CCKOREA office help!)

d. Let the people know you're doing the event! (Using the personal channels, Facebook, etc.)

3. "CCKOREA office supplies you with CC lecture materials and snacks. Have fun!"

5. (As we promise on the manual,) Supply the participants with materials and snacks.

- Organizing such events was new to some of the participants. We provided our official CC education material in Powerpoint file, CC Korea brochures, and CCL leaflets. We also sent snacks to some of the participants in random basis for fun, too.

6. Promote their events together.

- Using our social media channels and Share Week website, we spread the word that our volunteers prepared such occasions. Facebook event page was one of the most successful ways to promote the events.

7. Have fun!

- It was a great week!

8. Attend the events for record, or receive the footage of the event from the participants.

- For the archiving purpose, we recorded the event in person or collected the sketch from the participants. These records later were gathered and turned into the after-report.

9. Post the after-report on the website and tag the participants.

- Let everyone know that we had such a blast during the week. Tagging the participants is a good way to credit the participants and encourage others to join in future as well.

10. Send appreciation messages to the participants.

- This is optional, but thanking is always good.

We hope other organizations also try this fun Spread Mob and have a great time. It is not only a great opportunity to spread CC to new people, but also to bond with the volunteers and let their inner passion for CC out. Happy CCing in 2014! 

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