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The CC Global Summit in a Book - “Hello Sharing World”

The passionate 4 days of the CC Global Summit held last October is now available in book form.  

Lectures, Publications, and topics discussed are reflected in this book.

This book has been made possible with the help of many people. Thank you.

Soo Hyun Bae, Kyung Hee Suh, Hyun Gyung Park, Ha Young Shin, Ye Seul Kim, Yoo Jin Hong, Bum Soo Kim, Yae Yeon Lee, Jin Ho Jung, Ji Hyun Lee.     

About the Book _____________________________________________________________

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Hello, Sharing World!

Creative Commons Global Summit 2015

Korean Version PDF Download

English Version PDF Download

Producers | Kyung Hee Suh, Soo Hyun Bae

Translators | Soo Hyun Bae, Kyung Hee Suh, Hayoung Shin, Ye Seul Kim, Yoo Jin Hong

Editor | Kyung Hee Suh

Designer | Hyun Kyung Park

Videographer | Bum Soo Kim

Photographer | Yae Yeun Lee

Drawing | Jin Ho Jung, Ji Hyun Lee

Table of Contents _____________________________________________________________



005 Message of appreciation

007  CC Global Summit 2015

008  Summit by videos

009  Summit by numbers

MESSAGE_Celebration of Sharing

012 The idea of the commons and the future of capitalism | Yochai Benkler

026 Special Keynote | Lawrence Lessig

032 Special Keynote | Lawrence Lessig  

037 Panel: Importance of Creative Commons in the Digital Era | Jay Yoon, Lawrence Lessig, Yochai Benkler, Ryan Merkley  

MESSAGE_Work of Sharing

048 On the shoulders of giants | Lila Tretikov

057 Nabi’s experiment: Push Back the Frontiers | Soh-Yeong Roh

063 We need to talk about sharing | Ryan Merkley

MESSAGE_Future of Sharing

078 Ecological Internet | Kilnam Chon

084 Panel : Open Internet | Kilnam Chon, Yochai Benkler

093 Copyright reform and CC | Julia Reda

103 Future of CC as a Global Movement | Carolina Botero


111 OER

117 Open Glam

120 Open Data

124 Open Business

129 DIY Makers Open Design

133 Sharing City

138 Showcase of Sharing Culture

145 Fair Use and Business

155 CC Global Community


161 Special Event

163 Supporters

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