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What’s Up in Creative Commons Korea?

2010.11.01 11:41

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We Come to Have CC Korea Developer Network! 

   Creative Commons Kroea can expect to have an army of competent developers and online service providers sharing CC values in Korea. That's because CC volunteer programmers has just formed an official developer network community. By doing so, they are to engage in preemptive efforts to build more CC licensed content-friendly environment in Korea.

   When it comes to the use of CCL for their content licensing, Korean users are in the leading groups across the globe, greatly due to recent licensing policies of major domestic OSPs including Naver, Daum. But so far, it's only quantity-wise.

   We can see great room for CC Korea to raise public perception among domestic CCL users on what they can expect to see with wider range of CCL option adoptations. Against this backdrop, members of CC Korea Developer Network are being involved in some projects, so that they can see more favorable technological conditions for a more various CCL uses. The projects are as followed:


1. Building a repository system for CCL content sponsored by the Korean government.


2. Organizing seminars on technical issues surrounding Creative Commons so as to help better understandings of the machine readable licensing expression among developers, OSPs as well as lay people.


3. Participating in CC Tech Summit, exchanging ideas and issues, In particular, they plans to do presentations at 2009 CC Tech Summit in Turin, Italy.


   In an effort to do that, they had their first seminar as an event of CC Korea Open Seminar Series at Design Cluster Center  on 30 May, 2009. Around 30 attendees including software developers, online business people and users were present.


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Session Subject Presenter

First Session Introduction to Free Licenses - GPL, CCL  

CC Korea Project lead

Jong Soo Yoon


Second Session Meta Data- ccREL, RDFa 

CC Korea Developer Network

by Jung Pyo Lee


Third Session Licensing Validatior Check  

CC Korea Developer Network

by Mi Young Lee


Fourth Session How To License Chooser 

CC Korea Developer Network

Won Ki Joo


Fifth Session

         Q & A  


     Creative Commons Korea has dreamed of having its own developer network. And now, with this first step, CC Korea would like to see their activities contribute to creating a virtuous cycle of free use of various content at home and abroad by tackling technical challenges and encouraging greater participation in the Korean developers' circles.

by Chloe

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