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2012 March CC Salon <Hello, World!>

2012.03.13 17:08

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Last week was Open Education Week. Many countries participated and celebrated to spread the awareness of open education and O.E.R. (Open Educational Resources)

Creative Commons is inevitably interested in open education movement because of their needs of open licenses to continue their activity. Believing in the possibility of openness and voluntary participation, O.E.R. and Creative Commons movement are very similar to one another.

Creative Commons Korea (CC Korea) has organized the first CC salon of 2012 focused on open education, called <Hello, World!>.

The Salon <Hello, World!> was held last Friday. The title has come from the speakers that CC Korea has brought to the audience, "Egoing"(@egoing) and Dr. Kyu-Tae Kim.

"Hello world" is a traditional collective habitual sentence that programmers use to test a new technology.

"Egoing," a volunteer tutor of computer program coding and Dr. Kyu-Tae Kim, a professor of Korea University School of Electrical Engineering and active participant of O.C.W. (Open Course Ware), are both techonological people who are interested in sharing knowledge based on open values.

Just like testing a new program, they are passionately trying a new way of teaching, saying hello to the new world of education. And many people are reacting to their attempts with great support as well.

Majority of the audience was not only Creative-Commons-related people but also existing students and followers of the speakers.

The Salon was run as in a talk show format. Stella Shin, a dedicated CC Korea volunteer, has hosted the show by asking questions to the speakers and actively listening to them. As a Ph.D candidate of Education major, Stella has reached to the points in an academic point of view. The atmosphere of the audience was like well-behaving students, enjoying the lecture and conversation and participated to question what they have been wondering.


(c) CC Korea, CC-BY

"Egoing" presented his coding tutorial website "Life Coding" and how he engaged in teaching.

His beginning was similar to those existing famous volunteer tutors such as Salman Khan of Khan Academy, just because he wanted to hand the knowledge to people who need it.

Soon, he realized quite many people would be benefitted by the free tutorials, and he built up a series of web tutorials "Life Coding."

"Life Coding" is a free tutorial series for anyone who even do not have a background in programming.

"Egoing" is archieving the tutorial videos and material for computer coding language, and anyone can visit the website to begin his or her own learning schedule.

The facebook community for the "Life Coding" users have more than 1,600 members. They form groups among them to encourage each other to keep up with their study, help one another for problem solving, and discuss issues around the area and so on.

Recently, he also has initiated a new project called "Hyodo Coding." (Life Coding for Seniors) It is an archieve of tutorial videos for elderly users who are basically new to the world of Information Technology.

It kindly introduces how to use a computer, log on to the Internet, and utilize a mobile phone to play a game and many more.

He is now planning to extend the website to contain a larger project named "Life Expression," which teaches people how to express themselves in many different ways such as writing, singing, dancing, etc.


(c) CC Korea, CC-BY

Dr. Kyu-Tae Kim is one of the pioneers of Korean O.C.W. movement.

He is a founder of e-Nanoschool, an online lecture hall for nano technology. Via e-Nanoschool, Kim opens his courses to anyone who wishes to listen to him. They are not necessarily his students from the same school only but open public.

As a result, this attempt is contributing to raise more high-quality human source in the nano techology sector.

He expected that open education can be an alternative for the segregation between classes in education.

Especially, O.C.W. can provide opportunities for many talented individual scattered all around the world and stimulate them to come to the actual Universities.

He emphasized that academic sectors can be also benefitted by opening the sources. Scholars can easily utilize the open sources for their studay and this brings quality increase and cost decrease in many studies and researches.

He explained why post-secondary education institutes are opening their courses, what kind of impact it might have, and how Korea is doing in this global movement more in detail throughout the talk show.

He also added how practically O.C.W. applies to the reality and what efforts people are making to work it to be even more applicable.

The Salon was carried live on the official CC Korea Twitter (@cckorea) with a hash tag #ccsalon. For the whole Salon, the crowd was inspired and uplifted by the speakers' enthusiasm. It made a wonderful chance to gather people who are interested in open education for the Open Education Week, and it was an honor for CC Korea as well. CC Korea is now looking forward to organize another Salon coming up in June, another great opportunity to bring people come together and discuss openness in Korean society.

This article is written by Diane DaYe Jung(@dayejung), and photos taken by Chunghyo Ronan Bak(@pakseri79).
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