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Seminar on Government 2.0 Held in National Assembly

2010.11.01 11:45

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Jan 27, 2010

Recently, discussions on government 2.0 are gaining momentum around the world. In an attempt to consider the possibility of adopting government 2.0 in Korea, a policy forum was held under the title of "How to adopt Government 2.0" in the National Assembly Library of Korea on January 15, 2010. Many experts were invited to participate from various fields from legal circles, public service, academia, technology, to the business sector. Judge Yoon Jong-su, project lead of CC Korea, also gave a presentation titled "Government 2.0 in Web 2.0 Era" and pointed out that while the basic concept of government 2.0 was found in Korea's legal system it was still far from being developed to a practical level. He also asserted that the government should be ready to transform itself into a platform to communicate with the public.

Meanwhile, the panels agreed on the fact that this idea involves issues such as risks of privacy invasion and reliability and authenticity of information. Some asserted that further policy measures are needed to improve the quality of the disclosed information and to secure the credibility of provided information. In addition, it was also pointed out that a change in the perception within the government about public participation, openness and sharing is a prerequisite in this endeavor.

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