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2009 CC Hope Day - "CC Friends Party"

2010.11.01 11:44

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2009 CC Hope Day "CC Friends Party" was held at club TOOL in the Hongdae neighborhood on the chilly evening of December 17, 2009.

Every year around this time, CC Korea throws a party called 'CC HOPE Day' to celebrate Creative Commons' birthday and to reflect back on the year thus far by inviting CC supporters.

And this year's CC Hopeday was especially meaningful as we were joined by friends who believe in the value of sharing ideas; OCW, IgniteSeoul, TEDxSeoul, TEDxMyeongdong, and TEDxSookmyung cooperated to celebrate the 7th birthday of Creative Commons and wrap up the year 2009 by sharing their knowledge and experience.

Here, you can get a sense of what it was like.

CC hopeday - CC Friends party from cckorea on Vimeo.

Although the weather didn't cooperate with us with the bitter cold temperature and the party venue was too small to accommodate the many passionate attendees, the friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere of our commoners really made the place come alive.


We are sure that the year 2010 will also be another greate year for us to spread ideas and share knowledge and experience.

Thank you all for preparing this wonderful event and for sharing the great moments!

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