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How to Open Business Seminar to be held in Seoul

2010.11.01 11:43

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Open Culture meets Business - How to Open Business Seminar to be held on Nov 13, 2009

Open culture can not only create public value but also generate business opportunities. Aiming at providing a strategic approach to developing new open-based business models, Creative Commons Korea holds "How to Open Business" seminar in Seoul on November 13, 2009. In the seminar, various open-based business models will be presented through examples while attendees will have the opportunity to identify new business models of their own.

The one-day event will start with the opening remarks by Prof. Jinsup Jung, chief of CC Korea, to be followed by the keynote speech by Sangki Steve Han, the Graduate School of Culture Technology of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

CC Korea staff Su-jeong Han will give a general introduction on open business strategies through practical examples and case studies. The seminar will be highlighted by two well recognized international figures: Sylvain Zimmer, founder and CTO of Jamendo, and Chiaki Hayashi, founder and PMO of Loftwork, will share their valuable knowledge and experience about developing a viable and profitable business model based on open culture.

Double Deck, a Korean digital music performance group, will also rock the audience with their powerful live performance. Double Deck is one of the first Korean musicians who shared their works under creative commons licenses.

The final session of the event is "Open Business Speech," where anyone can present their open business ideas and be given the rare opportunity to receive consultation and business advice from established experts from various fields.

On the following day, the seminar presenters will also be joined by those who share the value of open culture in the CC Salon. Guests from different industries such as music, design, technology and business will share their views and experience on a variety of issues related to open culture and have in-depth discussions on open business models in various areas including music and art.

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