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The 2nd CC global conference - "Open for Innovation"

2010.10.31 21:50

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Thank you for visiting the 2nd CC global conference, "Open for Innovation".

The conference, following CC Korea's "the 1st CC global conference" held 2 years ago, introduced CC open movements as 4 factors including government, education, business, and art sessions.

The purpose of the last conference was for dealing with the current situation on each part at that time, but this conference was focused on sharing the experience achieved from developed cases and increasing our insight for the further development.

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이미지: @neouser (CC-BY-NC), @herobum (CC-BY-NC-SA)

The conference began with an opening movie
(Link) produced by a CC Korea volunteer, Artjin, and there were welcoming remarks of Jungwuk Seo (Director of CC Korea) and congratulatory remarks of Byongkyu Kang (Minister of Public Administration and Security of Korea).

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이미지: Amy (CC-BY)

Joichi Ito, Creative Commons CEO, had an opening keynote [PT material] explaining the history of the Internet on political and cultural issues and dealing with Creative Commons' movements to support diversity based on network neutrality.

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이미지: Amy (CC-BY)

Giorgos Cheliotis from CC Singapore presented the current status on CC license usage in the world. According to the presentation, the content using CC license in the world is expected over 185 million. Korea is a country using CCL frequently, but most of the contents apply to limited BY-NC-ND license.

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이미지: Amy (CC-BY)

Jay Yoon, a project lead of CC Korea, explained the value of CC Korea based on the shared open concept among contents, volunteer, and community. He gave us a message "with YOU" to develop the open concept.

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이미지: Amy (CC-BY), @neouser (CC-BY-NC)

Daum communications [PT material] and Naver [PT material] , well-known Web portals in Korea, introduced their difficulties in searching CC contents and their trials for using more CC contents on the Web.

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이미지: Amy (CC-BY)

After the overview of the morning session, discussions on each session dealt with the details on following themes:

  • The more you open, the more you get

cck (11).jpg 이미지: Amy (CC-BY)
  • What can governments and people do for innovation in web 2.0 era?
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이미지: @neouser (CC-BY-NC)
  • Getting inspiration from open creation
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    이미지: @herobum (CC-BY-NC-SA)
    • Free range learning is here
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      이미지: @neouser (CC-BY-NC)

      Each session is a professional knowledge-based field. However, the lasting interaction between CC activists including session planers, a moderator, and presenters made the conference solid.

      The final keynote [PT material] presented by Dr. Lessig suggested our introspection for innovation based on Apple cases. Apple has drawn ourstanding innovation under the control, but cultural innovation requires open, even if technological innovation has been well achieved by limited open.

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      이미지: Amy (CC-BY)

      CC Korea believes our efforts heading for opening will let public have innovative mind in sharing contents. In coming years, we will have meaningful events for thinking about open. Please pay attention to our activities continuously.

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      이미지: @herobum (CC-BY-NC-SA), @neouser (CC-BY-NC)

      Thank you so much!!

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