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Seoul Youth Creativity Summit & ccMixter Korea

2010.11.01 11:42

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The First Seoul Youth Creativity Summit & ccMixter Korea



Under the title of ‘Creativity Meets Life in Crisis', Seoul Youth Creativity Summit is on going in Seoul(from June 1 to 5). Started as an international symposium for educatiors and various exports around the globe to seek a better future of youth creativity education in 2008, the event has grown to an international annual event including various workshops designed to pump up creativity to the young minds. the festivial office said that they work to make the creativtity summit a festive place where participants can experience “connection and communication,” “participation and public ownership,” and “reciprocity and friendship.

   Greatly, ccMixter Korea volunteer team has been preparing for a beatbox workshop at the festivial, targeting teenagers with little beatboxing experience as a part of the workshop programs. Even though it's not easy  for beatboxers and musicians to lead workshops with lay people and create a collaborative work within limited time, CC Korea volunteer musicans, DJjjanga and TKO did such a splendid job and presented great moments to all of the youth took part in the workshop. The piece of beatboxing work will be uploaded as remixed with CCL music sources to ccMixter Korea website(www.ccmixter.or.kr).




And all other mixter volunteers also did their best with such a great support and love for ccMixter. Not to lose this momentum, ccMixter Korea is planing to hold other multimedia creation workshops and redouble its promotion efforts to reach for musicians

by Chloe

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