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Creative Commons Asia Pacific 2009 in Malina

2010.11.01 11:40

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February 2009, the Creative Commons Asia Pacific 2009 conference was held in Manila and seven volunteers from Creative Commons Korea (CCK) participated in this event.

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It was a great opportunity that we learnt Creative Commons’ Projects of each country and discussed issues they faced. The future projects in Asia and Pacific region for spreading the Creative Commons idea were also introduced.


Creative Commons Philippine started the conference with a greeting as the host and introduced of current Creative Commons licensing projects in Philippine and future plans. In Philippine, there were many cases adopted Creative Commons license including educational materials and website, and research. Among, the case that the rice research center provided contents related with rice including research results and pictures.


The common thing with introduced CCL cases was found specific web sites such as government, education, culture and art unlike Korea which portals actively adopted CCL.


Even though the understanding of Creative Commons is low due to economical and cultural situation in Asia, it is obvious that the number of CCL licensed contents is rapidly increasing with various projects.


In this conference, CC Korea volunteers participated each session as a presenter or a moderator and introduced current status of CC Korea and CCL in Korea, past and future projects.


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[License Usages in Philippine were introduced]
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[Jong Eun Lee, Introducing  CC Korea Projects]

Audience showed the great interest about how CC Korea enthusiastically conducts many projects with the volunteers from various fields. Establishing CC Korea as independent corporation and its sole funding plan was also enough to attract enough to attract interest and drag questions from others.

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[Mi Young Lee, Introducing CC Korea organization and future works]

CC Singapore revealed CC Statistics from the research result about the current usage of CC licenses. According to the research, Korea ranked first place of number of CCL licensed contents. However, the research also showed the low degree of freedom of contents in Korea compares to other countries. Most CCL licensed contents did not allow to others to use them for remix or reuse and a commercial purpose.

It tells us that we still need to put more efforts to introduce open culture to Korea despite of many past activities and unique projects.

In this conference, Asia and Pacific region agreed to publish a newsletter regularly and share information and knowhow on a website to share common issues and continue the network. A collaborative project of Asia and Pacific also discussed and agreed to develop a project for
collaborative creative and remix work using CC License to spread open culture and promote cultural exchanges.

Two days of the conference might be very tight schedule. However, it was a great time that we encourage each other and shared a common goal, open culture, even though we were from different cultures and used different languages.

With the great interest in CC Korea, Commons Asia Pacific 2010 is expected to be held in Korea.

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[The gift from CC Philippine]


Philippine is the familiar country to Korea, and also it is the one of the countries supported South Korea by sending troops in the Korea War.

Philippine has very unique culture that they have a meal five times a day which originated from era of Spanish rule. We were always full during the conference

Because most Asian countries don’t use English commonly, participants talked in English with own unique accent. But it did not disturb at all when we discussed about issues we faced at.

enthusiasm and passion that we watched during the conference touched our heart and let us realized the meaning of a Creative Commons volunteer and duty.

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