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4th CC Salon in Seoul★

2010.11.01 11:39

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Mix It Up!
- 4th CC Salon in Seoul★
On July 13, the 4th CC Salon was held in the center of Hongik University.
CC Salon celebrated the renewal open of the ccMixter site with magnificent performers and volunteers, and it was filled with people’s passion to see CC Salon. 0.jpg


- D-Day Salon Preparation
This CC Salon has been prepared by ccMixter volunteers over many months.
The volunteers came early to prepare and set the performance hall, and their hands got faster every minute.


- Countdown!
The arrival of performers boosted the speed for preparation. The performers started their rehearsal, and the volunteers prepared to welcome the audience.


 - 4th CC Salon 'Mix It Up', The Beginning
To have accurate performance, CC Salon started little late around 7:15pm. The hall was filled with people’s tense as they enter with a gift. The stage began with the opening clip. ‘Mix It Up’ START !

- The “Hot” performance, and CC Mixter !
As the performers: ‘Chang KiHa and Faces’, SaeByeol,  DJ JUICE, NeokUpShan & KangSanYeoUl, DJ JjangKa, and Nevada#51 performed, the stage and the audience got more tensed. Many volunteers came to cheer and to hang around. As the performer changes, we showed a clip related to ccMixter, and each performer introduce the audience about how ccMixter works. At last, the performers did a “Jam” specially made for CC Salon. We tried to send a message through the performance ‘Mix It Up’ and to enjoy with everyone.
This was how 4th CC Salon ended.

4.jpg 6.jpg


- After The Stage has Ended
When the stage was set to end, people couldn’t leave with their inconvenience thoughts; however, performers welcomed those who felt empty and filled them with joy. As the audience leaves, we came to another end of Salon.

- Remembering the Good Times
 The “Heat” that CC Salon brought still remains today. To celebrate the opening of new ccMixter site, the fourth CC Salon presented various performances, and it was more meaningful because people breathed same air and met under same roof. We hope that those who came to Salon will take an interest to our website, and look forward Mixter and the next Salon to come.

If you are interested in our performers or about CC Salon, please don’t hesitate to visit our website www.ccmixter.or.kr 

Photo by  rince, MiYoung, HyeSoo.

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