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Last summer, a project started with a tweet that a report on government 2.0 issue was released under CCL in Australia.

Meanwhile in Korea, the case of an iphone application called "SeoulBus" was causing controversy. SeoulBus is a free application developed by a high school student to provide real-time bus transit data of Seoul and Gyeonggi province. But the government of Gyeonggi province suddenly cut off the data. This event raised the public's interest in the issue of open government data, but there were still not many policies that seemed meaningful enough. And to be honest, we felt a little bit frustrated whenever we met related government officials.

Australia launched a taskforce of 15 experts from various fields such as public sector, business, education, and culture. The goal of the taskforce was to pursue an open government by opening public sector information and encouraging people to participate in the public sector more actively. The taskforce conducted a broad research and collected extensive opinions, and finally submitted the report to provide the government with policy direction to pursue government 2.0. And the Australian government readily accepted most of the proposals submitted by the taskforce and has since actively promoted the goal.  

Inspired by the government 2.0 taskforce of Australia, some Creative Commons Korea volunteers who were interested in the issue teamed up to start to translate the report. As we spread the word about the project via twitter as well as via its homepage, we were joined by more people.

Looking back, it was a painful process because we are not professional translators. The process was slow and sometimes even boring.

When we started to feel exhausted, ITR&D lab at Yonsei University joined and helped us translate the rest. And when we finally finished and yet were concerned about the cost of publishing the translated report, we were able to solve the problem with the help of NHN.

It took a year to publish this book and this wouldn't be possible without the support of so many people. 

Participants in the project
Hongjoo Kang, Borami Kim, Seokjoon Kim, Yejin Kim, Sukyoung Park, Jihwan Park, Soohyun Pae, Jay Yoon, Kihwan Lee, Miyoung Yi, Beomhee Lee, Bongkyu Lee, Jungpyo Lee, Myoungsan Jeon, Jonghong Jeon, Hyeyoon Chung, Byounghee Choi, NHN

The title of the Korean translation is "Engagement - Govenrment 2.0." You can get this book from your nearest bookstore and also can download the pdf file online as it is also released under CC license. After two weeks, You can also get the e-book version for free.


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"Send a copy to 100 officials" project

Who do you think needs to read this book? Any government official popping into your head?
We are asking people to send us who they think would need to read this book and will send a copy of it to 100 lucky government officials selected by citizens. 

Thank you and...

Through this project, we were able to learn what government 2.0 means. And of all, we could understand from firsthand experience what is engagement," one of the most important values in government 2.0.

We would like to thank all who have supported us and hope to see more active participation from you in the pursuit of government 2.0 in the future.

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