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The "CC10Musicians" app is now available on iTunes App Store!
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Creative Commons turns 10 years old this month. CC Affiliates from all over the world are celebrating this week (Dec 9 - 16) as #CC10 celebration week. 10.creativecommons.org

CC Korea came up with something fun and different. It's called "CC10Musicians" mobile app project: creating an application firstly on iPhone then Android, which introduces some great CC artists and provides their music in streaming. It's a non-commercial project, and created by CC Korea volunteers. The app is now available for iPhone on iTunes App Store. (http://bit.ly/cc10app) Android version is also coming up soon.

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The "CC10Musicians" app screenshots. The CD on the player spins when you play the music.

Swipe left to move on to the next artist.

CC Korea has selected the artists among the candidates recommended by CC Global network. Including YEIZON from Korea to Fhernando from Mexico, many fantastic musicians are waiting to be discovered by you via this app. We tried to include the coolest and most worthy of notice musicians from all across the globe. You'll be able to find artists from various genre, such as hip-hop, Afro-Samba, Modern Rock, Electronica, and Synth Pop.

"CC10Musicians" app allows you to listen to the 10 selected artists' work on live streaming, and share some spread-worth music with your Facebook and Twitter friends. Celebrate the open artists by letting all your friends know about them!

You can also share the download link (http://bit.ly/cc10app) with your friends to spread a word about this cool application.

The quickest way to receive the "CC10Musicians" news such as an update notice is, to follow CCKOREA on Twitter! You can also hear about other total fun-filled projects from CCKOREA, which is one of the most energetic affiliates among Global CC Network. The hashtag for any CC 10th anniversary related issues is "#CC10". To know more about CCKOREA, visit our website: cckorea.org.

This project was supported by Korea Copyright Commission, and Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. KT also supported with streaming service. CC Korea Volunteers have put lots of their effort to this project as well. Jongeun Lee, Joo Young Oh, and Seoul Kim each performed as a developer, planner, and designer. We would like to send our greatest appreciation to those who helped us to actualize this project.

This article is written by Diane Jung(@dayejung).
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