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2014.09.19 18:00

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2014 CCKOREA international Conference

"Share Everything Connect Everything"

Dear Participants of 2014 CCKorea Conference,


We would like to thank you for participating CCKorea Conference .

The conference ended successfully thanks to your interest and participation!


For your convenience, conference-related articles, photos and vidoes will be updated on
Conference Website, also Presentation materials can be found on the website and Below:

1. Slide
* Creativity

- [Keynote] "Share Everything" / Ryan Merkley / CEO of Creative Commons

- "Joyful digital playground: Maker Space" / Todd Porter/ Co-founder FabCafe Global

- "Infinite Power of Creativity Shared work" / Jeongho Yeo / Korea Copyright Commission

* Sharing City

- [Keynote] “Designing City as Sharing Platform" / Kyung Min Kim / Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Seoul National University

- Share Hub ”Drawing the NEXT CIty with Sharing” / Nanshil Kwon / CCKOREA

- "The Sharing Economy and Its Impact on the Future of Cities" / Molly Turner / Director of Public Policy and Civic Partnership at Airbnb

* Civic Hacking

- [Keynote] "Connect Everyhing"/ Jay Yoon / Project lead of Creative Commons Korea

- Code for Japan ”420 Techies for Namie” / Hal Seki / Code for Japan

- "The Convergence of Art and Technology, public data" / Sey Min / Randomwalks

- “Hacking the City with Technology” / Seung-hun Jang / Codenamu

2. . Video
: https://vimeo.com/106376353 (Sketch Video)
: https://vimeo.com/album/3074386 (All Speakers Talk Video)

3. Photo

4. Graphic Recording : drawing by Jinho Jung

5. Article


6. E-Book

Thank you again for taking your precious time to attend this conference, and we hope to see
you again at our future conferences.

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