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CC Artist MiYoung Yi(@netstrolling)'s Story

2012.06.22 18:08

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Netstrolling's Travel Drawing http://traveldrawing.cc


MiYoung Yi is a Korean independent artist who publishes her works under CC BY.

"Everyone is an artist"

MiYoung Yi is an artist and CC activist in Korea. She has self-published her works after sketch travel Eastern

Europe and Meditterrean area under CC BY. These works also can be found on the Internet on Flickr and her

blog in image files and PDF book format, applied the same license.

All her works are distributed under CC BY. She prefers free culture, and is willing to experiment the potential of

content sharing.

MiYoung Yi has been a CC activist since 2008. This experience brought her many opportunities to meet with

content creators, and let her face with the hardship that it is not easy to persuade existing creators to participate

in content sharing. She decided to create works and distributed under CCL by herself. She is now experimenting

sustainability to survive and prosper as a CCL artist.

Her works are now being used and remixed without burden of copyright among many people. MiYoung Yi collects

the cases of re-use and remix of her works on her blog. Furthermore, she is leading a local group called <Come!

Monday Book Meeting> to inspire people to have fun in everyday life and think of the value of sharing.

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