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What happened in 2012 CC Art Happening?

2012.06.08 12:41

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On May 26, 2012, something “happened” at Jungdok Library, Seoul.
Let’s find out what happened in “Art Happening Concert” with the photo traces :)


The word “happening” usually means unexpected incidents. Especially in the field of Art, a modified situation made

the audience to feel shock from coincidence. Somewhat like this description, CC Art Happening was also organized

in free and liberated atmosphere rather than perfectly tailored and planned.

The theme of this year’s CC Art Happening was “family stories.” People uploaded their family stories and photographs

on CC Art Happening website (http://ccarth.net), and composers selected among them. The pick-ups were turned

into music by those composers, and performed at the CC Art Happening Concert. 12 new songs were made in total,

and recorded as live at the very place. We appreciate those you submitted their stories so that the music could be born.

The selected families came as our official guests. Hope the family photographs that we took for them also became a

good present with the music for them.


FYI, the little boy in this picture is the one who was riding a cycle in the opening trailer. He even got nose bleeding

from the passionate acting! True hero.

Trailer Clip

At 7:30 PM, Acoustic band Shinnaneunsum (“Exciting Island” in English) opened the show with cheerful music. Local

visitors who had no idea there was going to be a concert also stopped by and enjoyed the music. The library yard was

filled with music and happy audience’s voices.


2.jpg 3.jpg

After Jae-Eun Park, Head of Institute for Culture & Arts Education Development greeted, the songs were introduced

one by one. The composers described the background of the music, the stories. Not only the concerned families, but

everyone at the place listened the heartwarming stories carefully. Some got teary eyes from sympathy.

5.jpg 8.jpg


The music felt more alive when it was introduced and matched with the real-life family stories. The most special moment

of this event was when families and composers met in person and shared appreciation. The families received the most

special gifts, and the modern classical music composers, usually considered for quite complicated music, got to meet


7.jpg 7292619840_5774cdd989_z.jpg

The six composers participated in Art Happening for the second time following last year’s participation. Just like last

year, they and the performers agreed to distribute the music on the Internet under Creative Commons License. Anyone

who follows the conditions can freely use the music. CC Korea sends our thanks to the musicians.

We hope further “art happening” appears based on this fresh CCL music. Thank you for everybody who engaged in this

event. Please keep your eyes on CC Korea for more fun stuff!

2012 CC Art Happening SoundCloud--------------------


CC Art Happening Standby (BY-NC)


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2012 CC Art Happening Photos

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