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Yeizon - Open Collaboration Music Project Group

YEIZON is a small project which is built to prove that musicians can make their own music without worrying about financial needs. YEIZON wants to be the living role example of free musicians who are not imprisoned in the existing rules of the white collared music industry. After a long time of preparation, it is slowly getting ready to launch our project.

It aims to create an Open Collaboration system. All contents of YEIZON project will be released for ‘free’ at this site. Everyone is allowed to use and create their own work of art using all contents found at this site. A user can freely create his or her own music, video, artwork, and text contents. After the creation, a user uploads the stuff at Submit a post page. Uploaders of favorite artwork will be contacted by YEIZON members personally to discuss collaborating for the official YEIZON album.


YEIZON is running social media and SNS such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and so on. Its members use Yammer to communicate with each other. To raise more participations, its web page provides three languages; Korean, English, and Japanese.  

YEIZON uses CCL3.0(BY-NC-SA). It is possible to find the music arts of YEIZON project in ‘cc mixter’ web page, which is a community music remixing site featuring remixes and samples licensed under Creative Commons licenses.

One of YEIZON member says,  “I can see the limit in the existing distribution channel for music. There is no other way but to distribute music through the given framework under the copyright. YEISON is the project to find the way to do what musicians want to do, to share the music with more people, and to get more participation together. I don't think that it's serious matter right now to make a lot of money. Our favorite music goes around by SNS, and someone can create it new, and the creation leads us to the fresh inpirations and art works. Isn't it clear that which is more valuable for us?”

Y (feat. YDG) music video from YEIZON > 

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