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2009 Spring CC Korea New Volunteer Orientation

2010.10.31 21:41

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New Excitement, New Energy and New Face
- 2009 CC Korea Orientation for New Volunteer Candidates

< Collaborative Artworks by CCK members during the Orientation>

Hello, CC commoners out there, Here in Seoul, CC Korea welcomed volunteer candidates by throwing orientation sessions over the last two Saturdays. From a restaurateur from other province to a cartoonist, 12 out of 17 applicants enthusiastically presented and made the event special. In particular, it was quite mutually inspiring to new comers and host volunteers.


< Sketch of the Orientation>

Above all, it was such a good icebreaker! Thanks to various attempts and programs by existing members, in particular, media artist, Seung Joon Choi, the ultimate doer in CC Korea, who introduced OST(Open Space Technology), drawing work reflecting SPT(Structure Preserving Transformation)concept to encourage participants to experience collaborative communication and sharing, those who took part in the sessions easily came to know each other and opened their hearts and minds.

At the same time, it worked as a cushioning zone for new candidates.  Judge Yoon, the project lead of CC Korea, kicked off the first session with his “updated” version of lecture having 101 CC values and the latest changes and shifts regarding CC at home and abroad. Other volunteers covered ongoing projects in CC Korea and shared their personal experiences and what they’ve found in CC volunteer activities to usher new volunteers.


< Lectures And Group Discussions>

Finally, it was really encouraging for each member of CC Korea since we could see some obvious hints of organizational evolution in running volunteer community system enhanced by intangible assets accumulated so far and collective effort of each of us.


Hope all the new candidates find their own joy and values in their future activities with CC Korea.

by Chloe

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