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 - Naver, Korea’s biggest portal service provider, chooses to introduce CC License

On 26 February, Naver, one of the major portal service providers in Korea, announced that it officially introduces Creative Commons License to its blog and café services and began a grand campaign for promoting CCL with cartoons, videos, etc. As for the largest portal service provider in user size at home, Naver has been struggling with copyright infringements, content and blog posting piracy activities of users. In a hope to find a reliable solution against them, Naver has chosen to introduce the CC license scheme. And it is very welcomed.

Relatively belated, but thanks to their introduction, most of the Korean portal sites take part in CC licensing. With this announcement, Naver becomes the third next to Daum , which has already adopted CCL to its blog service in 2005, and Paran in 2007. These portal sites are known to grab more than 90% of Korea's portal market. 
It has been three years since the introduction of Creative Commons License in Korea. So far, Korea has emerged as the third or the fourth of CCL user country in the world except USA. Additionally, Naver’s CCL policies are expected more to invigorate CCL in the near future. On the other hand, Naver’s announcement about CCL has triggered enormous concerns in Korean blogosphere. Some of them were worried about possible side effects of unintended commercialization of CCL, which could lead to emphashizing the role of CCL as stirring up people’s sense of copyright orderliness rather than real Open Culture. But most bloggers were for it in view of CCL promotion in Korea and expected its impact on spreading CCL in Korea.

Upon its launching, Naver is going to participate in the first CC Korea conference at Business session which is to be held on March 14, 2008 in Seoul. In this conference, the new member of CCL will present details of the introduction of CCL and reveal the follow-up plans on it under the title of ‘New Invitation to CC’. Daum also will make a pretantaion under the title of 'Community and CC' in Art and Media session. 

Still, there remain much to be done. Besides the increase in CCL users in Korea, efforts to spread Open Culture in true sense should be redoubled. CC Korea is planning to work more closely with Naver and Daum for the better future of CCL in Korea.
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