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CCKorea announces 2012 CC Art Happening

2012.05.15 14:56

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                 "Your Family Story transformed into Music"               Screenshot_35.jpg

Finally, CC Korea announces 2012 CC Art Happening Concert. This is the second time to have Art Happening.

Unlike the first time, which we assembled series of exhibitions and a concert together into one name under Art

Happening, we only have a small but delightful concert this time. It is held on May 26, 2012 in Jungdok Library,


We've collected stories of families from public. http://ccarth.net The composers who have been participating

in this project since last Art Happening continuously joined this time again, selected what stories they are in-

terested in, and made music out of them. Each music is going to be performed in the concert for the families

of the stories. We welcome everyone to this enjoyable music experience in the middle of Spring in Seoul.

All the music will be distributed under Creative Commons Licenses, conditions might vary up to the original com-


This article is written by Diane DaYe Jung(@dayejung).
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