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On March 14, 2008,
Creative Commons Korea holds its first international conference to celebrate its third birthday.
The conference will be a chance to see what has been achieved since the introduction of CC license in Korea and to share ideas about where to go in the future.
With the opening remarks from the chief of CC Korea Prof. Jinsup Jung and the keynote speech of Prof. Lawrence Lessig, the CEO of Creative Commons, this international event consists of four sessions. Which have scholarly literature content, public sector content, business and arts and media.
Specifically, each session will proceed in two pairs separately reflecting relevance to each other. During the program, you can meet many prominent experts who can usher us in the right directions through various case studies and evaluations on them. Please come and register to join with us.
At the end of the conference, an open discussion will wrap up the whole sessions by setting new agendas and projects regarding how to promote more opening friendly environment on the basis of what would be discussed in the former sessions.
This special occasion can be a great help for those who are in content related sectors or for those who perceive the importance of Open Culture. As a partner of your efforts toward Open Culture, Creative Commons Korea is always being with you and hopefully expecting you to benefit greatly from this conference.
If you have any questions or remarks on the conference, please reply on our blog. We always welcome any suggestions and opinions to be a better us. :D
Thank you for your great support and participation in advance.
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