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Clay Sherky visit CCK!

2011.07.15 14:42

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Clay Sherky “Korean Portal CCL service is Impressived 

by Justin Lee | 2011. 06. 24


Clay Sherky, a professor in New York University, visited Korea. He is a well-known author of “Here Comes Everybody,” which it talks about the digital innovation and social changes.

This visit to Korea has nothing to do with his lectures or books. He has came to Korea as a family vacation. During his break, he has contacted Jongsoo Yoon, who initiated Creative Commons Korea(CCK), and wanted to listen to CC Korea’s activities. On June 22th at Seoul Hakdong, Sherky and CC Korea members have came together. Following are the conversation of few stories that have came across during the meeting.

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Jongsoo Yoon I was surprised when you emailed me saying that you are coming to Korea.

Clay Sherky It is always welcome to meet Creative Commons volunteers. They have done astonishing jobs and I am excited to hear them all.

Jongsoo Yoon What made you to come visit Korea?

Clay Sherky  I’m on a vacation with my families. I have an great interest in Korea, Seoul from the past. Korea is one of those countries where it cannot be left out when talking about Internet. My close friend who frequently visited Korea many times talked about this country. When I was young, I have been intolerant to many Asia-countries. For this reason, I have prepared this trip to Korea, China, and Japan for my children not to let that happen what I have recognized.

“Seoul shows future of New York”

Clay Sherky  How many contents have CC Licensed in Korea?

Jongsoo Yoon Uncountably many. Korea’s most popular portal site Daum and Naver have provided tools to add CCL to users’ blogs and online-cafe.

Clay Sherky  It is interesting to see how Korean portal sites like Daum and Naver provide tools for CCL. What kind of activities do CC Korea mainly focus on?

Jongsoo Yoon Simply, we are involved in so many kinds of activities. We are trying to convince the government to add CCL in public domains, and introduce CCL to many artists who are interested. Many projects are on-going within separate categories. CC Korea is volunteer-centered organization which its involvement is diverse from very actively participating to those who are not. In that case, as referred in the book, we can say that CC Korea is ‘Organizing without organizations.’

Clay Sherky  Creative Commons in America mainly focuses on the cultural parts. When we participate in projects with governments or with other organizations, we usually have to cooperate with other form of organizations as well.

Clay Sherky  When visiting Seoul, it feels like you are seeing the future of New York. The equipments and skills you see in Seoul previously are visible in New York after few months. In relevant side, Korea is reacting aggressively and sensitively to the word “change.” Every visit has created a same pattern with any other past visits. In New York, there are increased number of chip hackers, but i have not seen any sight of same circumstance in here, Seoul. Even though hackers in New York are trying, it is astonishing to see Korea is still on its lead for smart phones and any other electrical devices further apart. You don’t transfer much in New York subways; but here in Seoul, i have faced many difficulties in changing to different routes. It was amazing experience to have an wifi connection in almost every subway, and see two telecoms competing each other for wifi service inside the subway.

“looking deeply for internet identification”

Clay Sherky  I have heard that number of Facebook users are increasing in Korea. In America, middleschoolers say that they feel segregated from the society if one dont have Facebook account.

President Obama has been elected as a president of United States by using SNS effectively. But after his election, it was hard to see him using SNS again. It will be interesting point to see how SNS will affect next  upcoming presidential election. Korea’s internet identification is an interesting topic. During a year of 2002, I have seen mad-cow-disease protest very interestingly. Through this protest, I have informed myself about the identification system in Korea. I am looking forward to see how online identification will have an impact on massive growing users of Twitter and Facebook.

The major impression that Professor Sherky gave was ‘friendly’. I have only seen him through Youtube or in TED clips until now and through of him as a person who would shape the frame of a person with keen analysis. So, I thought he would have cynical characteristic, but he actually has very optimistic characteristics. Prof. Sherky listens to those who speak and have used words ‘unbelievable,’ ‘fantastic,’ ‘cool,’ and ‘wonderful’ frequently while making himself cheerful and pleasant. By carefully asking if he can take pictures together, he delightedly say yes and has done his all kinds of poses including poses of his daughter’s favorite singer, 2NE1.

Prof. Sherky says that his new book “Cognitive Surplus” will be published in Korea upcoming October. He has left us by saying that he might be back early next year.

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