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CC Korea conducted September CC Salon in Seoul as an occasion for knowing more about data 

sharing. We have invited Yoon-won Choi from Newstapa Data Journalism Lab and Hyung-Kyu Ryu 

from Mania DB.


Newstapa is an indepenet online news media that only receives individual donation. They do not 

receive ads to be free from any preference issue. Data Journalism Lab has 4 members, Dr. Hye-Shin 

Kwon as the head of the team and Choi as one of the staff. The reason why Newstapa pays attention 

to Data Journalism is that data allows to pull out stories as long as you mine it thoroughly, whether 

you are a large or small media.


You can check out the data organized and presented by Newstapa Data Journalism Lab on their website: http://newstapa.com/category/%EB%8D%B0%EC%9D%B4%ED%84%B0

Newstapa also shares their contents under CC BY-NC-ND. They are free to be re-distributed as 

long as the use is non-commercial and without modifcation.

Choi wrapped up the presentation as appreciating their passionate volunteers, especially hackers 

who helped them to collect and organize the datasets more effectively. Newstapa always looks for 

a skilled hacker to help them with data work.


Mania DB is a personal project run by Hyung-Kyu Ryu and Matia which covers almost the entire 

history of Korean pop music. It's been around about 10 years, and it recently won Daum Foundation 

Digital Heritage Award 2013. Most of the data is crawled from other blogs on the Internet. Some 

of the data, such as the admins' favorite band "Sinawe", was inserted one by one by the admins. 

This project is very much valuable since no legitimate organizations or institutions keep the 

record of the whole history of K-pop. Ryu provides the data as Open API, so that others can utilize 

it to create something new.


The salon was very much interesting. Most of the participants later teamed up and went out for 
some drink after. CC Korea was also very glad to see that that could mean we've invited right 
people for networking.

Next CC Salon in Seoul will probably happen sometime in November. Stick around!

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