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CCK i-Phone App Release

2011.09.07 11:41

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CC Korea now available on smart phone!


On last month, August 11, CC Korea got our own mobile application for i-phone. This application is the thankful contribution from CCK’s volunteer, JongEun Lee(@yomybaby) as developer and producer. As a sincere volunteer of CCK, Lee has instructed “Creating mobile application from zero point to full”, an application making using Titanium tool in “CC study & create” project. This CCK app was also made with Titanium, which is cross-platform for app developers. The further great message is that Lee already shared whole developer’s source used to make this i-phone app.



Here are the features of CCK i-phone app:

-“Share” the app through Twitter and E-mail with friends

-“Mark Favorite” and “Save for offline” to read details about CC case study in Korea

-“Zoon in/out” for better text reading, like e-book


And now, volunteer Lee has been running to launch a version of CCK app for Android OS smart phones.

You can download CCK app on iTunes at below;


Also look into open source of CCK app for developers at:



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