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2011.07.15 12:46

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Introducing a new experiment
: supporting artists for their new work of art, and giving opportunity to share their piece freely.   

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CC Korea has developed an exciting experience with well known animation artist Haksoon Hong (홍학순): winner of 2009 Grand Prix in AniFest and famous for “Milky-Girl” and “Wink-Rabbit.” By supporting Mr. Hong’s creative project with ordinary people, some contributors were selected to be used as characters in his first series of animation called “Friends of  Universe - Instinctive hairdressing.”



Go to the Tumblbug.com "Friend of Universe - Intstinctive hairdressing"

When “Friends of  Universe - Instinctive hairdressing” is complete, it will be distributed through online using CC License. Under non-commercial use, BY-NC, it can be downloaded, distributed, or used by anyone. But it is important to address the acknowledgement of original source.

When the project is complete, there will be a “Show-Case” presented to those who actually participated in the social funding to invite and listen to those who were chosen to be one of the characters.

By supporting an artist through his project, a new art work was created, and had chance to distribute his piece to other people; and because of that, it showed a possibility to show new innovation and an interaction between creator and people.

CC Korea is now looking for artists like Mr. Hong who are willing to distribute his artwork using CC License.
Through social funding, new piece of art work can be supported, and be encouraged by many people so that many of us can also enjoy and learn through this opportunity.

Meet on-going CC projects on Tumbbug!

Around October 2011, CC Korea is planning to have “CC ART Happening” where it presents artworks using CC License.

CC Korea s wide open to those who like to create, and to share their artworks to others. ^^ 


Any questions? Contact to  CC KOREA .
Twitter @cckorea e-mail creative@cckorea.org

Translation korean to english by Jamie Hyo hyun.

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