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Last Wednesday, March 21, was the 7th anniversary of Creative Commons Korea.

CC Korea has organized a nice little birthday party to celebrate the time we have spent together to spread the idea of openness and the efforts of volunteers.

The party was held in Cafe Bamsamkinbyul at Hongik Univ. station.

(c) CC Korea / CC-BY

We had a surprise guest from CC Phillipines, Berne and his wife Beth.

They visited Korea for vacation, and happened to hear about our anniversary party.

The dried mangoes they brought all the way from the Phillipines were so good. Yum!

They made the occasion even more special. Thanks to Berne and Beth once again!


(c) CC Korea / CC-BY

Jay, our Project Lead, is speaking in this photo.

He mentioned how CC Korea started and how much he appreciates all the efforts of the volunteers.

Surely, he has devoted himself to raise the awareness in openness in different sectors of the society.

On the same date, 7 years ago, CCL was officially introduced to Korea for the first time. This was also the date that Creative Commons Korea was launched.

After all these years, CC Korea has achieved some noticeable fruits,

such as helping and encouraging people to open their contents and remember the real meaning of freedom.


(c) CC Korea / CC-BY

However, the most precious asset we have now compared to 7 years ago would be our volunteers.

This would be the biggest difference between now and then, that we have the people who passionately love Creative Commons Korea.

They willingly gave up their time and dedicated to the value that we all believe together, open and share.

All the achievements we have made is built with our volunteers.

They've come to the party to wish a happy birthday to CC Korea, but in real, they are the ones who are our birthday wishes :)


(c) CC Korea / CC-BY

We hope that CC Korea can continue celebrating the value of Creative Commons for 10 years, 20 years, for ever, with even bigger crowd.

Thank you for all your warm birthday wishes. Let's CC!

This article is written by Diane DaYe Jung(@dayejung).
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