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We’re thrilled to introduce the 2014 ShareHub Annual Report

for Creative Commons Korea on Dec 19th 2014.!

See the Sharehub’s movement for the last two years.
Let’s see the 2014 ShareHub Annual Report.

The 2014 ShareHub Annual Report is a look at ShareHub’s activities, accomplishments, learnings and network from the year. The report is available in this Web, licensed through Creative Commons.

Year of 2014 has been a busy year for ShareHub. Last year, partnering with Seoul City, we have ran ShareHub and expanded the foundation of sharing culture in Seoul. We’ve collected some of key activities and interview of  people who work with ShareHub such as Collaborative consumption, Shareable, D.camp. Also in this 2014 ShareHub Annual report, you can see that sharing city’s movement.

As we have run towards the rather inexplicit goal of “Spreading the Culture of Sharing,” we scratched our heads and went through trials and errors.

However, we’re glad that 2 years’ efforts have not gone in vain, which is proved by the sharing movement happening all around us. With the year coming to an end, here we are presenting the stories of Share Hub.

But the achievements included in this report were made possible not just by Share Hub, but also by all who have moved together to create a “sharing city.”

And this is also a process of reviewing the challenges we should address in the future and gathering better ideas.

Share Hub hopes “sharing” becomes a way of life in our daily life and a key to a sustainable future. This key is not a magic bullet that solves all problems at once, but a key of cooperation to solve our concerns and problems together.

We sincerely appreciate all who have supported us.


:: 2014 ShareHub Annual Report ::

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